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Steyn Research Group

Dedicated to feeding the world and training Animal Scientists 


Our research aims to provide practical solutions to everyday problems experienced by the South African ruminant industry. We focus primarily on intensive dairy systems; however, our research encompasses nutrition, health and management of all ruminant species. At all times we endeavour to perform research of a high scientific standard, providing valuable and trustworthy results.  


The training of highly skilled Animal Scientists is core to our mission. We strive to equip students with research skills and encourage critical thinking and independence, all based on sound theoretical knowledge. Through this process of skills development, we can contribute to the longevity of the Animal Agricultural Industry of South Africa.


We consider the ability to communicate information well, critical to the pillars of research and training. Thus, the Communications Team was created, with the focus on disseminating research results through reputable popular and scientific sources. The Communications Team is driven by the student members of the Steyn Research Group and we hope to increase our visibility in this way. 

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